An essential part of this blogging experience will reflect back into my background and past experiences as they shape the person that I am today 🙂 Let’s start with a little run down on the background before The Healthier, The Better was achieved:

There were many MANY years where my health was not considered a priority, in fact, I took it for granted. Here’s the background on my Health over the years!

Cigarettes: In my teenage years (around the 1999 era), I took up smoking to be ‘cool’ and continued the trend until January 2012. Sure, I quit a few times here and there, sometimes for three months, sometimes for 12 months, but I always went back as an excuse or a way in which to cope and am going to be ‘quitting’ forever.

Alcohol: Alongside the dreaded cancer sticks I drank a fair amount of alcohol as a young adult. Fortunately this didn’t continue into my late 20’s, although I do still enjoy a crisp cider on a warm day.

Exercise: Growing up I loved everything sport; netball, swimming, calisthenics, hockey or anything that was team orientated and kept me moving. This all came to a halt during what I sometimes refer to as my ‘wonder years’, being that I wonder how I came out of it the way I have. There was very little (if any) exercise in my daily routine from the age of 21 to 27. I occasionally went to a PT class, or a gym session in a half motivated state and didn’t know what I was trying to achieve, but thought it was healthier than sitting on the couch, which I would do straight after the session! During my adventurous 10 months living in Brisbane (in 2010), I rediscovered a zest for movement, walking in the beautiful sunshine. Fortunately, this small change followed me back to Melbourne in 2011 and I slowly began to increase my exercise routines. Unfortunately, it came with injury but most importantly it provided a platform for persistence and the willingness to not give up, no matter the obstacles that stood in the way.

Food: Finally, in the health sector, FOOD, glorious food – my Love! My parents were keen on healthy food whilst I was growing up, which I can now admire and be thankful for. As soon as I was earning my own money (and finding some freedom as a teen), I was eating whatever food I could get my hands on, trying out all things sugary, fatty, delicious and new. The food fest continued well into my late twenties, and although there were not too many instances where I found myself at the extremes of binge eating or starving myself, the love affair for food was an addiction. The ongoing purchase of salty, sugary and fatty foods included take-away (Mc Donalds galore), easy meals (pies and chips), Coke Coke Coke (not diet, the fully loaded variety), bakery treats and confectionery to the max. I still wonder how I overcame the addiction/s and can only remember the unwell, bloated, flatulent, utterly gross feelings too well which over time assisted in my diagnosis of being yeast and gluten intolerant – Turning Point!

So, there’s a background on where I’ve come from health wise, as my life is now filled with such positive thoughts and healthy changes. Whilst I feel disappointed in the way I took my health for granted for many years, it was perhaps the only way that I could overcome and accept that changes needed to be made.

~ ~ Cate ~ ~