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Today marks week 9 of my Low FODMAP diet  journey (referring to Fermentable, Oligosaccharides  Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyolsdiet eating).

Weeks leading up to this point saw me sharing my eating habits, intolerance food listing and current exercise with my new found and delightful dietitian. The diet started out as an elimination and whilst I was somewhat overwhelmed with my decreased listing of ‘able to eat’ fruits, vegetables, legumes and cheeses, I saw the positive aspect of the foods I still COULD eat.

After 3 weeks, there was significant changes to my gut and I wrote up my meal plans for the week to ensure I had everything covered and low FODMAP. As I was already eating clean somewhat it was much easier than starting from scratch. The hardest eliminated foods included avocado, mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, corn, soft cheeses (ricotta and fetta), chewing gum and foods containing ‘fake’ sugar or any sweetener ending in ‘ol’, nuts and dried fruit (what I considered staples for clean eating) and apples, sweet sweet apples!

After 6 weeks, I noticed a huge improvement in gut function and happiness in general! So much so, it was decided that avocado and almonds could be reintroduced! It was also noted that my exercise regimes would required additional protein to sustain the body before, during and after workouts and walks.

After 9 weeks, I am still pleased with the results and am absolutely positive on certain foods that are a sure no no for me. One being kale (which I loved momentarily roasted in the oven for 10 mins at 170 degrees with a little oil and salt on it – yum!) and another being sweet chilli sauce. Whilst I know this isn’t a ‘clean’ product, it was a quick add in to a recipe as I couldn’t source a substitute. Lesson learnt! The reintroduction of avocado and almonds went down well and I am absolutely excited to have them back on the list of ‘can eat’ foods 🙂 The next three weeks will be a little more adventurous with the reintroduction to mushrooms (yay), asparagus, broccoli and corn. Here’s to a wider variety of cooking and hopefully little side effects.

For anyone that experiences ongoing gut pain, bloating or flatulence of a greater than normal proportion (many of my friends can vouch for all of these symptoms occurring at once for many years), I would suggest seeking medical advice from a GP and/or dietitian, they’ve saved my life, and my relationships.

~ ~ Cate ~ ~