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Today’s post is Part One documentation of the two longest and spectacular trails completed to date on foot and wheels with my fabulous cousin ‘R’.

I’ve been walking and exercising in a consistent manner for around 18 months now and although it’s been hit with some injury, setbacks and serious roadblocks, it has not stopped me from achieving! Of course this has been a lot easier with other people being involved for motivation and inspiration.

30km Capital City Trail

On Saturday 7th September, R and I decided it was time to push our usual barriers of walks and hikes of 15-20km to smash out a 30km walk along the Capital City Trail which started in the CBD of Melbourne and worked it’s way around the outer suburbs, walking in among some of the best sites of the beautiful city. We started off at around 7am with plenty of water and snack food on board; bananas, corn thins and protein pikelets! The walk was filled with gorgeous scenery which sometimes ran alongside busy roads but was mostly hidden in the wilderness behind houses and through parks, open fields and farms.

The walking and tracks were somewhat easy and we were able to keep a pretty constant pace only stopping for food breaks and to take in the sights. It wasn’t until around the 20-23km mark that the silliness started, the hips were throbbing and discovery of walking backwards to ease the pain and laughing often was had to allow us to get back toward the heart of the city which we knew was the last stint to being home free!

Our final figures were pretty impressive, even though my Garmin Forerunner 10 only managed the 5 hours battery life expectancy, with the final recording being conducted through Run Keeper app.

Total km = 29.59 (close enough to 30!)

Total time taken = 5hrs 35 mins

Here’s the map for anyone wanting to give it a go (or a portion of it!):

The happy and proud pair mid-walk 🙂

Capital City Trail