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Tonight’s post is Part Two documentation of the two longest and spectacular trails completed to date on foot and wheels with my fabulous cousin ‘R’.

This amazing adventure was completed on two wonderful bicycle wheels; a task which had not been attempted in roughly eight years (with the exclusion of a roll around central park in NYC, July 2013). It’s quite funny how the saying ‘just like riding a bike’ kept creeping into our sayings for the day, because it was just that!

40km ride along the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail (in reverse)

Pre Rail Trail Ride

R and I started the riding adventure around 9am from the Warburton end of the trail in crisp and perfect weather conditions. I was lucky enough to be loaned the awesome wheels by R and quickly adjusted to the gears, ability to pedal and of course, my new friend; the seat (soon to be named every word of profanity known to man).

The first 7km were amazingly easy, breezy and entertaining, the next 11 km were verging on humility and defeat as I struggled to continue along the beautiful trail of happiness. Between the steady inclination and the lack of feeling to my rear, it was clear that I was coming to a halt in more ways than one. Not even the discovery of a wee little rusty old bike to ride on would totally regain my excitement to ride for another 22km (okay, the little bike find was a great mood elevator, the pic gives that away!).

Cate Trike

R was a fabulous motivator (as always) and we rested with protein snacks (Quest bars, corn thins and banana coconut protein balls) and discussed the final required km’s to get us to Lilydale; we would conquer it station platform by station platform (around 3-4km stints) to get us to the final 6km downhill slope!

With a belly of goodness and a positive attitude it was off again, this time on the newer wheels that R owned and the world and seat situation felt like a new experience. We were off and riding, finding positive energy from our surroundings, emu’s, cows, families out with children and even some small puddles (personal note to self, keep mouth closed during this point!). The final 6km appeared somewhat quickly which meant only one thing … downhill FUN! It took half the time to head down the trail, with much giggling, out of the saddle excitement and wind rushing past the ears – truly fantastic!

Total km = 39.26

Total time taken = 2hrs 54mins (not including breaks from the seat situation)

This post just proves you’re never too old to get back on the bike … even if the following days tell you otherwise 🙂 As always, I recommend motivation in the form of an awesome adventure buddy, along with plenty of healthy treats!

~ ~ Cate ~ ~