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12 Weeks ago my housemate ‘A’ and I started a journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle through the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT). The program was shared between us and included weekly weigh in’s, 4 weekly progress testing and pictures, an online forum and the all important parts; the recipes, online workout videos and workout programs. My personal goals were quite simple; get toned and if weight falls off also, that’s a bonus!

I have always been a bit skeptical of online dieting programs and quick weight loss fads with previous trials on Tony Ferguson shakes in which I lost 10kg in around 2 months and proceeded to stack back it on plus some when I could no longer handle the taste of protein shakes and also the Body Trim diet which was a really great kick start and gave me great understanding of food and portion control but was not sustainable enough with a specified one day per week for protein only. Whilst i didn’t fall off the healthy eating completely, it was not a lifestyle change.

When ‘A’ came to me with the proposition to start the 12WBT I was excited and ready to give it a go. I’d been walking a lot, eating fairly well and felt quite healthy but needed some additional exercises and ideas to keep me motivated in the quest for the Healthier.

The program was well structured and gave much insight to not only foods and portions but also exercise and motivational/informative videos by Michelle Bridges which helped with lots of different subjects; from diet soft drink ingredients and comfort eating to mentally dealing with the changes during the program.

We got ourselves out of bed and into training most weekday mornings at 5am – completing a 1 hour workout, and a Super Session every Saturday which was usually 1.5 hours of intense workout. Generally, we did High Intensity Interval Training, Yoga sessions and Tabata training. Most days I would also incorporate at least a 2.5km walk home from work and some additional walking on the weekends.

Alongside the exercise, the main component of the 12WBT was eating!!! Through weekly planning and new recipes I started enjoying cooking with new vegetables, fruits and healthy alternatives to my usually over processed ingredients. There was no lack of food either as the meals fed 2-4 people (plenty for the next days lunch) and snacks were a necessity!

So where did we end up after 12 weeks? Apart from some setbacks with the required elimination dieting for low FODMAP foods and injuries creating some difficulty with prescribed workouts, the results are in and looking great (if I do say so myself). ‘A’ also did an amazing job on the 12WBT, and I could not have stuck to the program without her enthusiasm and support!

The final figures in 12 weeks:

Total weight loss – 3.1kg

Push ups in 1 minute (on toes) – Increased by 16

Longest holding plank (on toes) – Increased by 1 minute

Overall body cm loss – 6cm (mainly from waist and hips)

Of course the transformation wouldn’t be completed without a few (somewhat revealing) pictures, starting with my weekly silly pose and working through the always helpful back, front and side views:

~ ~ Cate ~ ~

Week 1 & Week 12 Cate Silly

Week 1 & Week 12 Cate Back

Week 1 & Week 12 Cate Front

Week 1 & Week 12 Cate Side