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After an exorbitant amount of time away from my beloved blog, there’s a few events directly to ‘The Healthier The Better’ which I will find time to get up to date on! Between work, study, health and everyday life, it’s been a little hectic and some factors tend to take the back seat, sorry blogging world!

What better way to kick back into this than with a healthy update of Quitting Sugar! So how or why did this happen? Who on earth would choose to stop eating the tasty delight, whether it be processed to the wah-zoo (how about that gorgeous brown liquidy substance; Coke?) or the naturally high delights (dried fruit anyone?) … sugar is so easily accessible, affordable, addictive and injected into an array of foods and beverages.

This fascination to research and try to quit sugar started when I visited a good friend (M) in my hometown (G-town) around a month ago. I had heard about quitting sugar to assist with IBS and Fructose absorption issues but was never sure how, if or why I would actually do it. Enter, Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ book including an 8 week program and 108 recipes. I politely accepted M’s offer to borrow the book and off I went on my merry way, imagining what life could be like without sugar. As soon as I returned home, I picked up my new ‘borrowed’ investment and was breezing through the chapters of well written content, nodding away, agreeing with most of the reasons Sarah had reasoned for her IQS journey. I’m sure most people could also reflect and agree with the situations where sugar was ingested on a daily basis and with little idea of just how many teaspoons were in everyday foods. Within an hour I had decided that in two days, I would begin the restrictive changes to quit all processed/refine sugar from my diet.

Day 1, like most additive cuts, was relatively easy – strong mind = easy start.

Day 2, started like any other day, and rolled into ‘holy monkeys, what have I done’ which lasted until around day 4. During this time, it was very similar to quitting cigarettes; sweats at night, headaches, irritable and feeling the need to constantly eat, preferably sugar of course. I did NOT give in … no no no, I was on day 4 and it was better to keep on it!

Week 1 passed quickly enough with plenty of withdrawal symptoms, and the questions from colleagues and friends began around my choice to pass up the one ingredient that I had been in a close bond with (a serious addiction) since my teens. ‘Why would you quit sugar?’ and ‘That’s insane!’ became regular remarks to my decision and I quickly learnt from my new book and online resources that people generally freak out at the thought of such a change because of their own relationship with the ingredient, the sweet sweet delight most of us reach for in any mood! It took some serious hard work and determination to be able to respond to fellow sugar lovers and help them understand my choices.

Week 2 seemed to pass, like a breeze, with such little effort going towards the missing element I considered such an important aspect to my everyday living. I must note, I had a pretty serious addiction to Coke (the drink, ingested) for a few years, resulting in MANY tooth fillings. After understanding the need to read labels (not just on my gluten/yeast/low FODMAP journey), it was scary just how many ‘healthy’ foods I was purchasing contained some amount of sugar. The need for chocolate has not just disappeared overnight, I don’t think it ever will! Fortunately, I have found some serious excitement in ‘Vitality Brands’ …Well Naturally dark chocolate bars – http://vitalitybrands.com/well-naturally/products/sugar-free-dark-chocolate  . Whilst they do contain erythritol, this has not affected my IBS symptoms.

I plan to keep this area updated as I continue on the sugar free trail. We are hitting week 3 tomorrow and I have not yet felt the need to run to the sugar, in any form. I am also off fruit for a few weeks to reallllllly detox out the sugar formations from the system. If you are interested in IQS, Sarah Wilson has an extensive area of information and online shop here – http://www.iquitsugar.com/book/i-quit-sugar-print-edition/.

Stay happy and healthy!

~~ Cate ~~